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Many people visit Drawn and Plastered’s Facebook or website, and are excited by the idea of our event, but are not entirely prepared for what is in store when they arrive at the venue on the night of the show! Because of this, we’ve decided it’s about time to write up a little “How-To” with some important tips.

1. Getting Ready
When getting ready to head out for the night, the most important thing is to be prepared with all the art supplies you will need! We have limited extra supplies to provide for people who have forgotten, so we would prefer that attendees bring all their own materials.

2. Dressing up!
Consider dressing up! If you come dressed according to the theme of our night, you will receive a mix CD at the door with music from the night and a cover drawn by Drawn creator Holly Halftone. But remember – if you are drawing, painting, photographing, etc. you don’t want your costume to be too extreme. We still want you to be comfortable!

3. Getting In
Upon your entrance into the venue, you’ll spot our door girl or guy and you can pay the cover – remember to fill out a ballot for the door prize draw too though! Free art supplies are definitely worth it.

3. Seeing the Models
Once you’ve arrived at the event and gotten comfortable in your seat, survey the area and register the placement of the models. If you are early, you are most likely to get a prime seat and wont have to worry about your view! But, if you arrive late, you’ll want to spot our wandering models. In the event that a stationary model is in a bad position from where you’re sitting, or you simply can’t see them at all, you are more than welcome to call over a wandering model and they’ll be happy to pose for you, so there is no need to ever be frustrated by your positioning in the room!

4. Break
Half way through the evening, we’ll do our door prize draw, and depending on the occasion, some sort of entertainment may come on while the models are taking their break. Please do not ask to draw any models while they’re on their break! They’ll be back shortly, and need a breather – posing is surprisingly hard work!

5. After Party
When it is clear that the drawing portion of Drawn and Plastered is complete, don’t leave! The idea of an after party, may sound like it’s just drinking and the art aspect will go flying out the door. But trust us – it doesn’t! The after party is your time to mingle, make important contacts and maybe even discuss with us how you can be involved with Drawn and Plastered for our next event!

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