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Calling all Designers!

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That’s right, we want you too! Drawn and Plastered is about ALL art forms, so unlike other drink and draw events, we invite aspiring fashion designers (and wig-makers, jewelry designers, makeup artists…yes everything) to create original looks for our models to showcase at our events.

But this is a little different from most forms of contribution. Designing and sewing clothes and even accessories for six very different people takes time. The typical 6 week turnaround for each event won’t be enough. This is why we’ve planned each event YEARS in advance. Well, ok, we did it because it was irresistible and we were excited, but it definitely benefits you too.

If you’d like to be a featured designer for one of our events, step one is to email us with a little info about yourself, the type of clothing/accessories/both/whatever you create, some photos with samples of your work, and a few ideas on what you’d like to do. If you make the cut, we’ll then send you our TOP SECRET list of upcoming events so you can see far in advance which themes we’re planning and decide which one is right for you. As a designer you’ll also have a say in the choice of models, because nobody knows as well as you do how your work is best represented.

Once the big decisions are made, it’s time to start designing! We’ll help you arrange to meet with the models for discussions and fittings, and set up a photo shoot to best display your work along with the theme of the month.
Finally, it’s fashion show time! Your work will be exposed live to a huge and ever-growing group of artists and fashion-lovers, and seriously, how often does THAT opportunity come along?

Think you got what it takes?

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