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This blog has been started to provide an outlet for the writers of Drawn and Plastered. We will feature some things specifically about the event written by the creators themselves, but many other times we will have guest writers simply sharing their thoughts, or fiction!

But first… What is Drawn and Plastered??

Drawn and Plastered is a themed art night, with live models, held atmostly 18+ locations and featuring a late night after party.

 Our goal is to accommodate and inspired the creation of as many art forms as possible under one roof. If you’d like to come photograph our models? No problem. Write a poem about them? Great! Even if you’d like to work in 3D and bring some sculpy to your table, feel free! Drawn and Plastered is your imagination emporium!

 If you’ve already created a fashion item or a piece of art pertaining to our monthly theme, send a message our way and inquire about showcasing it – you may even get a buyer.

 Even if you are not artistic, we hope you’ll show up to the party. Not only do we feature local performers (musicians, magicians, hoopers, you name it!) our models also tend to perform random entertaining theatrics through the show, and only the beginning of the night consists of creating. After a few hours, the models will join the crowd and dance the night away.

So keep checking back to this website, or our Facebook page, for info on upcoming events. Come draw our glamorous models, mingle and enjoy the party!

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