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Modelling for an Event

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Drawn and Plastered absolutely loves models, of all looks, types, and ability levels. It’s really the core of all that we do. Where would we be without them? Modelling for the fastest growing social art event in the city would be an opportunity enough in itself, but as a young start-up company, we’ve made it one of our main goals to make this position extra special.

So what’s in it for you? The very first thing we thought of was an absolute no-brainer. You get to keep your shots, and use them however you please. As an aspiring model, building up your portfolio is important, and is definitely the most difficult in the beginning. When nobody knows who you are yet, it can be not only hard to find the photographers you need to take the shots, but also extremely expensive. Working with Drawn, you’ll be photographed by some of the most talented budding photographers in Montreal, and getting your shots as compensation – you don’t pay for them, it’s our pay to you. Combine that with the experience of working live with a large and varied group of artists all at once, and this baptism by fire is kickass experience enough to boost a model of any level.

Of course this also means a ton of exposure for you. You’ll be featured on our website and our fan page with the possibility of even appearing in any media coverage that may be done at the time, and be getting your own coming-out party to a huge artistic community. Could there be any better way to get your start?

But to us, that still wasn’t enough. We wanted to be generous! We’re always thinking of how we can make it not only a start to your hobby – or even career – but more fun for you in general. Every meeting with the Drawn and Plastered team is not only just a way to get everyone on the same page. It’s an exercise in artistic collaboration, and making friends. You’ll be meeting awesome new people, and hopefully getting as inspired as we hope you’ll go on to inspire others. As often as possible these will be exclusive special outings, like a trip to a museum, a haunted house, or even just a fancy cake shop – wherever we feel would be most conducive to getting everyone into the vibe of the month. Model meetings are the big kickoff to a hard month of planning, and the promo shoots are when everything starts to take shape and really become tangible, so they’re not to be missed.

Speaking of which, no effort can be a one way street, and though simple, we do have certain expectations. The number one absolute requirement is that you show up, with some rare exceptions (We’re not ogres). We can’t give you, or our audience, a fun time when you’re not there. There is no Drawn and Plastered without you. For you to keep your commitments to us is one basic courtesy we can no longer go without. If you’ll be unable to commit when you’re asked, that’s fine. But we ask that you please let us know in advance and not half way through the planning process, or worse, once the show has already begun. There will always be room for you next time, so don’t be too shy to speak up and do what’s right for you. Shyness definitely makes modelling a challenge.

The second requirement is that you DO your job as a model. No, you don’t have to be amazing at it. But we want to see an effort. We’re there to spot you when you hit a rough patch, so we’ve hopefully minimized any pressure you may feel. Just please don’t ignore your duties to just sit pretty and make yourself available to the artists. Not even the theatrical portion is required, because we know that not everyone is comfortable with that. Just no hanging out at the bar all night, and no hiding in the corner – unless of course it’s your break.

Third – we should not have to state this, but NO DRUGS. We’re open-minded and honestly don’t care what you do in your free time. But we’re trying to run a business and give everyone a professional and fun show, and that’s a challenge if not completely impossible when not everyone is in their right mind. Drawn and Plastered does not promote or even want to appear to promote illegal activity. Models found working on (non-prescribed) drugs will be dismissed.

What’s NOT a requirement? Posing in a way that you’re uncomfortable with, wearing clothes you’re not ok with, and participating in specific events that do not agree with you. We have values, and we know you do too. We respect our models and the choices they make. If there’s anything you’re uncomfortable with, please, speak up, and we will not just try, but make SURE that you won’t have to compromise your values at all while working with Drawn and Plastered. In the past we have had models change their mind after the event about what they had been wearing which really made it difficult, not being able to upload any photos of them from the show out of respect. Tell us if you don’t want to wear what we suggest. Please!!

Now that that’s out of the way, are you ready to give your modelling a kick start? All you have to do is shoot us an email expressing interest, a bit of info and a picture of yourself, and some basics about your availability, such as job/kids etc. We are not looking for perfection. We don’t have one definition of beauty. What we ARE looking for are interesting men and women with good personalities and a load of ambition. I’m betting this description fits you perfectly. 

Drawn and Plastered wants YOU, and yes, it is like the draft. Send us an email at admin@drawnandplastered.com, and say hello to either the rest of your life, or at least just one of the most exciting months in it.

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