Holly Halftone

When I was 18 years old, I went to a modelling agency’s talent hunt. I had done a few creative photo shoots and realised I was good at it and thought that this would be the next step to take.

Boy was I wrong.

I was too short, too unique… as they put it, I “already had a look”. This is when I had the realisation that what I was trying out for was to simply be someone else’s blank canvas. They would come to me with pre-made ideas and use me like a mannequin; and this is not what I wanted. So, I delved deeper into the world of alternative modelling; was inspired by it and in turn was able to inspire others.

If you can relate to this, Drawn and Plastered is the home for you.

When I started Drawn and Plastered, I wasn’t thinking about a brand or an image. I wasn’t thinking about starting a company for profit. I was only thinking about what I wanted to do with it. I wanted to bring people together, and include those who had been so far left behind. I wanted to take what wasn’t working out so well with other events and make it better. I wanted to put on a hell of a show; and most importantly, I wanted to serve a great purpose.

So what is the Drawn and Plastered purpose, and why should you want to be part of that? For many artists, the biggest question is where to start. The next one is, “Then what?” Drawn and Plastered is about making it easier, giving artists the perfect venue to practice and share their craft. It is also about a city’s vibrant, fast-growing community in which they can make friends and start new business relationships, so they can continue to create and grow even when the night is over. Drawn also exist to expose people to the art of others – for inspiration, education, and pure entertainment. Drawn and Plastered is unique because it helps artists be amazing, no matter what their art is, no matter what level they’re at.

Drawn’s purpose was born naturally all by itself, without planning, without contemplation. Its image is like Drawn itself. It’s joyful, it’s playful, it’s incredibly imaginative, and most of all: it’s friendly and nurturing. Drawn is not arrogant or aloof in what it does. It doesn’t have a “company (us) and attendees (them)” mentality. It is a community that supports others. It recognises that we all need each other to exist, and for this reason we care about each other and our successes. This community? It’s also just a touch crazy! In that way Drawn is a real family.

Won’t you join us?

The Team
RachelRachel Goguen
Montreal Co-Owner






Samantha Wiebe
Winnipeg Co-Owner






Lynn Ruff
Promotional/Event Photographer






Sara Creeley
Makeup Artist






Lynne Quesnel
Hair Stylist