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Drawn and Plastered’s Totally Trippin’ 90s Show

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It’s that time again… time for another Drawn show!
(First apologies for the lame site, we’re working on it 😉 )

But most importantly, Drawn and Plastered’s Totally Trippin’ 90s Show will be taking place at CafĂ© L’ArtĂšre, coopĂ©rative de solidaritĂ© on August 20th 2016, 8pm-11pm.
Tickets are $10 or $8 pre-sale.

Starting this year you can also get a season pass or VIP season pass!

What is included in each pass option?

One show Pre-sale: $8 (value $10) access to the upcoming show in June.

Season Pass: $48 (value $60) access to shows in June, August, October, December, February and April. Also Behind the Scenes access. Meaning you get promotional images first and are welcome to come to the show while we’re getting ready and practicing before doors open.

VIP Season Pass: $65 (value $98) Everything you get with the season pass, plus a set of 6 photo prints each show and a free drink!


Looking forward to seeing you at the show. Promo images coming soon!

**Note: This is for our Montreal branch! Winnipeg is not putting on shows at this time**

Ticket Type

Qu’est que c’est, Drawn and Plastered?

FondĂ© en juillet 2011 Ă  Winnipeg, MB, Drawn and Plastered est un Ă©vĂšnement oĂč on trouve des modĂšles vivants en costumes thĂ©matiques, tenu Ă  des lieux majoritairement de 18 ans et plus. Mais ça ne termine pas la, la fĂȘte continue avec un “after-party” en nocturne.

Notre objectif est d’accommoder et inspirer la crĂ©ation pour tous les mĂ©diums artistiques au mĂȘme endroit. Vous voulez photographiez nos modĂšles? Aucuns soucis! Vous voulez Ă©crire? Allez-y! MĂȘme si vous travaillez en 3D et voulez sculpter, amenez-vous! Drawn and Plastered est votre “Emporium d’Imagination”.

Si vous avez dĂ©jĂ  des crĂ©ations ou de l’art qui partage le mĂȘme thĂšme que notre Ă©vĂšnement, envoyez nous un message et il est possible que nous allons l’afficher durant l’évĂšnement! On ne sait jamais, vous allez peut-ĂȘtre avoir des acheteurs intĂ©ressĂ©s!

Donc laissez votre esprit vagabonder dans notre petit paradis de folie et venez joindre la révolution de Drawn and Plastered!


What is Drawn and Plastered?

Originally run in Winnipeg, MB – Drawn and Plastered is a themed art night, with live models, held at mostly 18+ locations, featuring a late night after party.

Our goal is to accommodate and inspire the creation of as many art forms as possible under one roof. If you’d like to come photograph our models? No problem. Write a poem about them? Great! Even if you’d like to work in 3D and bring some Sculpy to your table, feel free! Drawn and Plastered is your “imagination emporium”.

If you’ve already created a fashion item or a piece of art pertaining to our monthly theme, send a message our way and inquire about showcasing it – you may even get a buyer.

So let your mind wander to our crazy little corner of the world… and join the Drawn and Plastered family.

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