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Drawn and Plastered to Focus on Convention Circuit

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Live art event Drawn and Plastered revamps their business model to focus on comic conventions

Montreal, QC: Launched in 2011, Drawn and Plastered has been running successful live art events in Winnipeg, Toronto, and Montreal on and off for over six years. Constantly growing and changing to suit the needs of attendees and schedules of the owners and creators of the show, they have now chosen to turn their focus to producing shows for comic conventions.

“By concentrating our event output to a few shows from July – October, we can spend the rest of the year making costumes and décor and planning theatrics that are bigger and better than ever”
Says owner and founder Holly Halftone.

The live art event production company is known for their unique take on the “Drink and Draw” event model. Generally, drink and draw events focus on one clothed model and take place at bars and clubs. When Drawn and Plastered burst onto the Winnipeg scene in 2011, they exploded the event structure by providing guests with 4-6 models and a solid theme for each show with full costumes, a custom soundtrack, theatrics, and entertainment for those who are not so artistically inclined.

Currently planning shows which they hope will take place at Montreal’s comic convention, Toronto’s Fan Expo, and the Central Canada Comic Con in Winnipeg, they have also launched a Patreon where fans and supporters will be able to donate monthly (starting at $1) and get access to behind the scenes vlogging, limited edition merchandise, and even the chance to pick one of the event themes next year.

Drawn and Plastered can be followed on social media everywhere, and will be announcing this year’s three themes in November, 2017.

About Drawn and Plastered: Founded in Winnipeg, MB as its first and only themed live art event, Drawn and Plastered moved to Montreal in July 2015. They produce high quality art events that promise to inspire, and are known for welcoming artists of all levels and models of all shapes, sizes, and experience.


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