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The Sketchbook Project

Posted By on April 7, 2018 in Blog | 0 comments

Drawn and Plastered is launching a new community art initiative!

Starting April 2018, Montreal artists of all varieties can find sketchbooks in neighborhoods all over the city. But what exactly does the Sketchbook Project involve, and how does it promote positive arts community interaction?

When you find a sketchbook, the steps are simple:

  1. Check out the artists who have drawn before you. Add them on social media or throw a “like” their way!
  2. Take a page to create your own piece and write a link or whatever you like to promote yourself.
  3. Snap a photo of your art, post it on your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and then tag/DM us
  4. Leave the book somewhere for someone else to find!

As photos come our way we’ll be sharing them on our page and giving you a shout-out. And if you find the book? You’ll also get on our first-contact list for upcoming events. With Drawn and Plastered’s new event format space will be limited and locations will be secret, announced only to those who RSVP first.

A Positive Arts Community

When Drawn and Plastered first launched our mission was to foster positive interaction between artists wherever we are throwing events. Far too often competition overtakes creativity when we could really be benefiting from working together. By taking our message to the streets not just on the internet and through events, we can spread this idea even further. Don’t just look at the images in the sketchbook before you–follow those people! See what they’re doing! Collaborate! The sky’s the limit.

What is our Social Media?

Did you find a sketchbook that brought you here? Are you looking for our social media? Follow the links below to get involved:




Happy hunting!

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